The Spooky Side

o I decided to try out a recipe I found on Pinterest for Pumpkin Cookies and today I bring you the same recipe with a little update on the ingredients and on their shape since now they look like pumpkins! So cute right?? Continue reading The Spooky Side


The Experimental Side (or the Brazilian Side part 2)

So this week I wanted to share with you an experiment I did last Sunday while trying to figure out what I wanted to cook as much as I wanted to eat. I didn’t want sweets but also I didn’t want a massive dish that I wouldn’t be able to eat because I can’t seem to be able to cook for less than 4 people that are extremely hungry. I wanted something salty that I could snack on, and that would last for around 3 days without going bad. So I remembered Brazilian Cheese Bread… Continue reading The Experimental Side (or the Brazilian Side part 2)