Hi There! I’m Mafalda and I’m the one who writes this blog! That makes sense right? Otherwise why the fuck would I be presenting myself? Anyway….

I decided to create this blog because I like cooking , photographing and eating and I wanted to share my recipes with you. I was living in Istanbul when I started this blog, and now I’m living in Dublin. As an expat I had to come up with some creative solutions to get around eating what I wanted, most of the times with not very proper conditions, like lack of time or lack of money or lack of space (my kitchen is so small!) , sometimes all at the same time. For all of you out there who might not be pro’s, or just don’t know what to cook with what’s available around you, this is from me to you.

In this blog you will find my own recipes for various meals that go on the side with my life and state of mind. You can find desserts, guilty pleasures and some over the top meals that I cook when I have friends over, like super cheesy stuff. All the moments and special days that I post here, they will always have food on the side, and I will share them with you.

If you are looking for a super organized and fancy food blog, this is not the place for you. I’m a bit messy! I try to post on Wednesdays but sometimes my Wednesday may fall on a Thursday. I do this also to make me happy and to remember what I altered in some recipes, since I can’t seem to keep any piece of paper in the same place for long (did I mention I’m disorganized?). I’m not a writer, I’m a Photographer that works in a totally different field so this is also an outlet for my bursts of photo needs.

I cook, I bake, I talk a lot, I play guitar and I sing. I also curse a lot more than I should and I drink wine on a regular basis. So read around the blog and have some fun cooking. Enjoy!

Cheers 🙂



6 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for connecting up on WP ^.^ you mentioned you are an expat; where are you from and where do you live now? (I am a big American man in no little apartment in rural Japan.) have you picked up some interesting, exotic indigenous foods in your journey? Also, what is your field that you mentioned? What are you normally photographing in your job?


    1. Hello derek 🙂 Thank your for message and for taking interest in my blog 🙂 I am Portuguese but am now living in Istanbul, Turkey. I do not work as a photographer nowadays, unfortunately that didn’t happen for me and I couldn’t pursue it any longer 🙂 Nonetheless at the moment I work in Tourism, being in the office mainly in a travel agency in the city center 🙂 I actually really like it as it gives me a change to put a mix of knowledge into practice. I used to do fashion and arquitecture photography which I liked because I’m a bit of a control freak 🙂 anyway here in Turkey as a special food, well I can’t say I picked up a lot of tradicional food but it certainly was challaging to figure out what is what in the market. They have this nice plums here that are green and really tiny, and they eat it with salt. I just love that 🙂 Anyway being in japan I guess you have a bunch of stories to share too!


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